Wat is de trend in Kawaii-kleding in 2024?

Welcome to this year’s kawaii-mode! This is a vibrant world where cute is king and each outfit is a statement of personal style and joy. 

We bevinden ons nog in de begindagen van 2024, maar kawaii-kleding is nog nooit zo sterk geweest. Door traditionele charme te combineren met eigentijdse flair, zijn we hier om u de nieuwste trends te laten zien die de modehoofdsteden Tokio en Seoul opschudden.

Prepare yourself for an explosion of colors, patterns, and silhouettes because there’s nothing subtle about the kawaii aesthetic for this year!

Women's Kawaii Big Rabbit And Stars Embroidered  Loose Sweaters


Pastelkleurig paradijs

One thing we can’t get enough of in 2024 is pastels. Lavender, mint green, baby pink; these aren’t just colors. They’re life-giving forces that will turn any outfit into something special. The soft palette isn’t only reserved for the blossoming days of spring either—these light hues are meant to keep us feeling joyful all year round.

Picture yourself stepping out on a chilly autumn day wearing a lavender capuchon or how about donning a mint green dress under the summer sun? These colors don't just make you look good—they make you feel good too! In Kawaii-mode’s world this year, pastels are more than just trendy; they're a lifestyle choice that keeps everyday outfits looking soft and effortlessly beautiful.

Rabbit Embroidered Velvet Hoodies


Overmaats alles

Als het gaat om kawaii-kleding for 2024, size matters! And no—it's not what you think. Oversized pieces have long left their mark on Koreaanse mode en Japanese outfits alike thanks to their comfortability.

Think back on those times when you slipped into an oversized trui or tee that wrapped around your body like a cozy blanket ready to protect you from anything? It's time to give those pieces some more love because they're no longer just trendy but have become essential staples adorned with cute graphics and slogans galore.

"I'm here to be seen and comfortable." is what they collectively say. And isn't that just revolutionary? In this world of fashion where we're constricted by norms on how we should dress, kawaii challenges these restrictions to show what could really be.

Women's Cute Food Printed T-shirt

Kawaii oversized clothing is all about taking up space—physically and stylistically—and owning it. It's about being comfy in your own skin...and clothes!


A Cake of Love

Dit jaar kawaii fashionistas have discovered the art of layering clothes. It no longer matters if you're hot or cold anymore. What matters now is that your outfit tells a story. This new trend encourages people to mix and match an array of textures, patterns, and lengths together in one look! The goal here?

That no two outfits should look alike! For example, imagine wearing a Muppet sweater met een zeer korte jurk? Or even better, how about you wear a heavy knitted cardigan with a flimsy lace top that could tear at just the sight of wind?

Kobine Women's Cute Bear Cable Knitted Sweater


You may be thinking this might make you look like an absolute dope (and you will), but it’ll also give you some unforgettable fits! Every layer adds another musical note into the song that is your style. All these layers are meant to help express who you are as an individual while still technically not being naked.


Dierlijke motieven

We’re seeing an influx of animal motifs in kawaii-mode recently and they won’t go away anytime soon in 2024. Some would say they’re too childish but we think they’re just fun! Bunny ears on hoods, cat paws on handschoenen, bears turned tassen, all these little designs can help spark up conversations with other people when you're out and about!

Just picture yourself pulling out your pink phone from inside your bear bag? Or getting a feel for those fluffy cat paw gloves on those cold nights? These small touches make everyday life feel like we're living inside an anime world where anything can happen! No matter what age someone is we hope they'll agree that life's too short to be boring all around.

Kawaiifashion Women's Casual Pure Color Square Packages


Pleated Returns

De geplooide rok has always been around but when it came time for it to come back onto the fashion scene for 2024, boy did it put up a fight. It’s as versatile as Shakira's hips! Pleated skirts can be found in every length and level of puffiness – so you’ll have no excuse not to buy one (or ten). They offer a gentle touch when you pair them with a leren jas and boots or an elegant sway when wearing them with a trui and ballet flats.

Pleated skirts are the best of both worlds, old tradition, and new innovation. You’ll find that we carry geplooide rokken in all shapes and sizes here at Kawaii Shop; different colors too! We love our customers so much that if there was ever a way for someone to wear a geplooide rok, we've got it here on our shelves!

Kobine Women's Korean Style Elastic Velvet Long Pleated Skirt


Statement Socks and Tights

Statement sokken en panty are the hidden champions of a kawaii-outfit. In 2024, tulle and glitter aren’t just for dances anymore: they’re on every sidewalk you walked on this morning. Imagine sliding into some star-speckled socks or sun-glistening tights that add a little magic to your day-to-day. This is about making functional into something fantastic, where your feet become the canvas for creativity.

Dit zijn niet alleen accessoires.: they’re little flags in the battlefield of individuality in a world where everyone wants you to be the same as them. Statement sokken en panty are your fashion statement’s exclamation point — and trust us, it’ll look good.

Women's Kawaii Shiny Fishnet Stockings


Kawaii Meets Techwear

Kawaii has invaded the techwear market — and we couldn’t be happier! The futuristic lines have been revamped with pastel colors turning waterproof jackets into adorable wear-necessities (Get it? Because you need it). Broeken finally look fun to wear again while their patterns challenge anyone to not drop their jaw at how cute they are!

Women's Chinoiserie Sheer Mid-length Jacket-Kawaiifashion


And who could forget about tech accessoires.? They’re not just practical now, but soft pinks, baby blues, mint greens make them impossible to resist putting in our carts right away! It’s now easier than ever before to dress cool while facing danger without losing any style points!


Ethereal E-girl and E-boy Looks

The e-girl/e-boy aesthetic has taken over gaming culture forever — but you may have forgotten about… kawaii. Pastels have found their way into this dark style creating a bridge between their worlds! Black will always be sacred in every wardrobe, but there’s more room now than ever before for hearts and stars to dance upon it as well as digital-inspired accessories whispering tales of whimsy around your ears.

In 2024, e-girl and e-boy is more than a trend: it’s a lifestyle that reminds us all even the hardest of rockers can embrace some softness.

Kawaiifashion Women's Gothic Turn-down Collar Short Sleeved Jackets


Fairy core Fantasy

Fairy core is taking over the kawaii-mode scene this year! The trend sees everything from clothing to accessoires. looking like they came straight out of a mystical forest. In its heart, it values ethereal beauty: fabrics that shimmer in the light and flowers that blossom in abundance. Even accessoires. have been affected by the floral wave, as if saying to us: “I am Nature”. Many of these whimsical designs were inspired by elements of nature, such as the woods, sky and sea. It’s almost as if the folk have invited us into their magical realm. This is not just fashion; it’s an enchanting tale!

When you incorporate fairy core into your kawaii-outfits in 2024, you’ll soon realize that what matters is how everything makes you feel, instead of how you look while wearing them. Feelings are what sets this trend apart; feelings that make nature sing inside your ears and dreams dance under your toes.

Women's Lolita Ruffled Collar Two-layer Dresses-Kawaiifashion


The Resurgence of Harajuku Style

The colorful streets are breathing again! Harajuku has always had an extraordinary way with quirky colors and patterns; ones that don’t make people cringe or squint their eyes at all! Every outfit here could be seen as an art piece at a museum — but no one would ever think about hanging these clothes on their walls… because everyone’s already wearing them!

Harajuku-stijl never really cared much for rules anyway. People wear whatever they want because they know others will do the same — nobody shames each other for what they wear here! If anything, people are encouraged to explore new styles.

When this iconic neighborhood begins its revival next year, remember to never let fear hold back your fashion sense or self-expression. Walk outside dressed with courage instead! Let art consume your closet!


Harajuku High-waist Pleat Skirt-Kawaiifashion



K-pop Influence

K-pop idols sure have a way with fashion, but it seems like their outfits are starting to seep into the kawaii-mode scene too! We can’t exactly put our finger on what makes K-pop clothing so good, but combining neon colors with sleek shapes and sparkles definitely does the trick.

High fashion isn’t usually associated with fun, but when you blend them together like this — it’s a whole other level. This is why K-pop-inspired looks do not only belong in concerts and music videos — they were made for streets, cafes and Instagram photoshoots too!

We want these clothes to scream: “I don’t mind standing out!” “Genres? Never heard of them!” “Sleek yet playful? That’s me!” The K-pop influence in kawaii-mode isn’t just some kind of fad; it’s here to remind us that two different cultures can combine and make something beautiful.


Kobine roze damesjeans met hoge taille en rechte pijpen in Koreaanse stijl



Chunky Footwear

Als het gaat om kawaii-mode, chunky footwear is the go-to. The bigger the shoe, the better. Chunky sneakers and boots are comfortable, but that’s not their main appeal. They rebel against everything delicate and dainty in your wardrobe. These sturdy shoes bring an extra level of effortlessly cool edginess to any outfit.

Picture a soft pastel dress with headphones and a choker paired with some chunky black boots. It’s tender yet tough, street-wise but fairy-like — I don’t know how else to put it! This trend stomps all over the expectations for what cute has to be like, standing up for what’s bold, daring and unapologetically different in 2024. It's about time we show everyone that cute doesn't mean weak. And this year chunky footwear does just that — in more ways than one


Kobine Women's Kawaii Bowknot Side Slit Red Plaid Slip Dresses



Cute Foodie Clothes

Did you think a line of lattes, sushi sprinkles, and pancakes could be the ingredients for fashion? Yeah, me neither. But in 2024, that’s exactly what it is: kawaii food-inspired kleding. And no, I’m not talking about your mom’s Thanksgiving dinner sweater that she insists on wearing every year. This trend takes all of the yummy things we love to eat and convinces us to wear them on our sokken and bags instead — but hey! If it’ll make my followers multiply, I’ll do it. (I promise I won’t actually eat any of these clothes… probably).

Every day can be a buffet for your senses with avocados at your feet, milkshakes in your handtas and patterns so cute you want to lick them (wait, no don’t do that.). This isn’t only about wearing food on your sleeve; it reminds us all how much happiness comes from creating and buying new things to wear too!

If fashion is art and food is its own language then when those two come together it’s like icing on top (which just happens to be my favorite thing about cupcakes).

Nostalgic 90s Comes Back

Close your eyes and imagine the sweet smell of markers mixed with the sound of Tamagotchis going off — what comes to mind? Yeah cartoons, me too. In 2024 people are turning their memories into outfits more often than ever before as they dig through their parents’ closets for denim overalls and chokers — sorry Mom I swear I’ll give these back once they go out of style again!




But even with all the dikke schoenen and vibrant butterfly clips that come with this revival, there's something deeper about it than just showing people when we were born or how old we are now. The past had some pretty good things going for it so why not just take those and dress them up with some modern twists so they fit right in today too?

Mix your old things with new and see what happens. After all, it’s the bold and quirky stuff that makes us who we are and there’s no age limit on being yourself (or looking good while doing it!).


Wild Hair Colors

Remember when all hair was good for was keeping your head warm? Yeah, me neither. In 2024, everyone’s head is a canvas — and their dyes are statements! From lavender to sky blue to pastel pink, every day there seems to be something new trending… but hey! When they’re shouting “be yourself!” at me this passionately, I can’t really argue. Besides — even if it wasn’t my favorite color —

I’m always down for an opportunity to look like a cupcake So why not try out one of these powerful shades? They serve as the perfect companion to any unique fit that comes with kawaii-mode so you don’t have much of an excuse other than meowing to give them a shot.

Go ahead and play around until you find the one that fits your vibe best (and then come help me dye my hair because I can guarantee you’ll do a better job than I will).


V-neck Loose Kintted Tops - Kawaiifashion



A Fashionable Science Experiment

In the realm of kawaii, accessoires. have served as support for far too long. It’s about time they step into the spotlight. And this year, that’s exactly what they’re doing! Innovative accessoires. are popping up all over the place and stealing our hearts with their unique features.

Kawaiifashion Women's Sweet Christmas Contrast Color Santa Elks Stockings (set of 4)


Take a look at these interactive pieces of art: Tech-infused jewelry changes color with your mood, LED purses light up custom patterns through the evening and AR-enhanced pieces bring digital elements straight to life!

These conversation-starters aren’t just trinkets either — They’re tomorrow in a world stuck in today. Through fashion science fiction has found its way into our daily wear and screams at everyone we pass by on the street “Why would you choose to live in reality when there are infinite fantasy worlds waiting for you?”.

If it sounds like an adventure waiting to happen, then it’s definitely for you.


Thrifted Dreams

The quest is no longer simply to find something new (and affordable), but now it must be sustainable as well! We’ve seen thrifted clothes make their way from dusty shelves to high-end runways; but that wasn’t enough for us, so patches, embroidery and tie dye joined them too!

Just because what you’re wearing is old doesn’t mean it can’t be one-of-a-kind though. Creativity knows no bounds when kawaii-meisjes come together to make some truly unique outfits.

Thrift shopping is not only good for our planet (and wallets) but also makes an earth-shattering style statement! Old-school fashion combined with modern designs creates one hell of a time capsule that takes us through decades of stories told through fabrics alone!

In 2024 thrifting isn't just a hobby — It’s part of a movement against fast fashion and its disposable culture. In conclusion: True style will always reign supreme over its competitors.


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