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Welkom bij kawaiifashion.shop, the place where you can let your personality stand out. As one of the fastest growing Kawaii clothing and cosplay costumes retail stores, we understand what you want. Our goal at Kawaii-mode is to help make this fun and cute style of Kawaii-kleding available to anyone in the world.

Als je een liefhebber bent van Japanese & Korean clothing, kawaii-kleding, and would like to start your own business, but don’t know how to start with, why not start cooperating with us and take your first step bravely. We know the needs of our customers, we can provide you with the latest styles and the best prices, stable logistics, quality customer service, whether you want to start online business, or brick and mortar business, exhibition or small business, you can start your dream very smoothly with us.

The price you see on the page is the retail price, if you want to apply to become a drop shipper or wholesale customer, please contact opnemen., we will help you apply for a groothandelsaccount and send you the wholesale discount code aan u.


Please inform us of the following information:

Jouw adres:
E-mail (voor leveringsinformatie):
Socialemediaadressen @ Facebook, Instagram:
Uw verkoopkanalen (bijvoorbeeld fysieke winkel, festivals/tentoonstellingen/markten, online op uw website, online op eBay, online op Amazon, andere):


Onze voordelen

1 We update quickly, new products are released every week and will send you catalogs by email;

2 Dropshipping or wholesale, you can choose as you like, there is no minimum order quantity, to help you avoid a large number of inventory;

3 Stable logistics, we have been cooperating with our carriers for many years to help customers send their goods to various countries and regions around the world;

4 Exclusive Customer Service;

5 The pictures and product information are provided.



1 Goods preparation takes 2-3 days;

2 Generally 2-3 weeks for the delivery, once the goods are sent, we will send you the tracking code;

3 In case of out of stock or if there are styles in production, we will notify you immediately;

4 Even for wholesale customers, we offer free shipping of standard shipping. If you need expedited delivery, please contact opnemen..


Retour- en ruilbeleid

Goods are checked before shipping out, if there is a quality problem, please contact opnemen. within 7 days of receiving the goods for a refund or exchange.

Alstublieft contact opnemen. now, do not hesitate, we will provide you with quality products and professional service!